About us


Peaceyard was originally founded in Sweden and then in the US by a group of childhood friends. We saw the potential of what could be created using modern production methods in an otherwise legacy market. We utilize new materials to create more durable products, adding new design and flair, to an otherwise stale genre. We have been perfecting this production technique since 2011.


All of our products are engineered in California and manufactured using composite materials made in the USA. Our manufacturing facilities are located in both Europe and the USA depending on the product line and type of product. When we launched the new Peaceyard brand our product line was also revamped and re-engineered. Our new lineup provides higher quality, easier installation, better sustainability, and higher durability.


We use state-of-the-art technology to manufacture headstones, memorials, and accessories using much tougher and more durable materials than is common in the industry. We also use a proprietary color technology, and a state-of-the-art proprietary image transfer technology, that outlasts conventional gravestone technology.


The materials and technology used in our production lines are very capable of forming previously difficult-to-attain headstone shapes. Using our design and print technology enables you to create a headstone design that is far more advanced than is possible with legacy manufacturers.

Production Capacity

Our production capacity is dynamic and set up to be scalable. This enables us to support all levels of production demand, proving you with a much shorter delivery time than the legacy manufacturers. We provide realistic and accurate timeframes for each product. While legacy manufacturers can take up to eight months to deliver, Peaceyard guarantees delivery in as little as six weeks from your order date.

Design elements

The design can contain both 2D and 3D elements and our process supports an unlimited number of colors to be applied to the surface. Our products carry an industry-leading 25-year limited guarantee on coating, colors, and surfaces. We offer custom-made products and support our customers in their design process.


Our technology allows for easy re-printing of any surface at any stage in the life of the product and for any reason. This could be to add information or update the design. The original structure does not need to be changed, the product will just be mechanically polished and then re-printed.


The engineering methods used in our products make the logistical process and installation much easier than legacy products. Our installation hardware makes it really easy for professional installation or if you are the DIY type you can easily do it yourself. Our products are sturdier and more stable than legacy products. Our sustainable engineered headstone design and mounting hardware is patent pending.


Our products are produced to higher safety standards than products using legacy materials. Our products are lighter than legacy products which which means the logistical process has a much lower impact on the environment.

Ease of use

Our simple and intuitive product designer makes visualizing and creating your final product a breeze. You will be able to see exactly how the final product will look before we send it to production.

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