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Peaceyard is actively working to build networks around the globe with related businesses and sales teams. Can we work with you to support your business? We continuously search for opportunities to integrate our business with forward thinking companies. Does that sound like you? We are not looking to cover all aspects of our industry, we want to focus on what we do, and let you focus on what you do and are therefore always open to partnerships that help us both sell more of our products and services. If you have a suitable business then please contact us as soon as possible.


Our reseller program brings you all the advantages of our sustainable products to your customers. Your customers can utilise our product designer to order products from the comfort of their home as well as place traditional orders at your location where you design the headstone/memorial together. You have the option of either using our product designer or by the more traditional method of sharing ideas where you later design the headstone/memorial at your leisure and share the design with them.

Our product designer lets you create and save unlimited designs and then print proofs to show your customers. Once your customer agrees to a design all you need to do is come back to the product designer and hit the order button.

You can create and save an unlimited number of popular design templates that may be customised to suit your business, or common designs. Additionally, if we don’t have a stock model/ or product that matches your needs, we will be happy to work with you to develop headstone shapes unique to your needs.

Benefits from our reseller program

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