General Questions

Q: What do I need to know before I order

A: Please review our checklist for the most common things you should prepare and know before you place an order.

Q: The cemetery told me I have to buy my headstone from them or their prefered vendors, what now?

A: That is a lie. Federal law prohibits this kind of behaviour and you can file a complaint online with the Federal Trade Commission.

Q: Do I need to know my plot size or number before I order

A: Our checklist outlines this as well, short answer is yes to both; You will need to specify plot number in your order comments so we can put it on your finished product.

Q: Can I use your headstone for a pet?

A: Sure, however, pet headstones are usually smaller and cost less than a full size headstone from us. If you contact us we can help you design a smaller headstone that will be cheaper.

Q: How much will the headstone I want cost delivered and installed?

A: There are a lot of variables that go into the final cost of a headstone. If you order a custom made headstone the final price will be in your offer. All our stock models we offer are priced including shipping. The only additional fee is if you want it professionally installed or if you do it yourself. Some cemeteries require a setting fee no matter who installs it. Please make sure you are aware of any rules and regulations that your cemetery has before hand. Check out our checklist for steps to take before ordering.

Q: What is the difference between an at-need and a pre-need headstone

A: an at-need headstone is purchased at the time of a person’s death. A pre-need headstone is purchased when one or both of the persons on the headstone are still living.

Q: Can I purchase my own headstone or one for me and my spouse/family and choose the design ahead of time – then whenever it is needed, you arrange for delivery?

A: Yes, this is very unusual, but if you decide to do this, please involve the people you want to include in the family grave. Also, any instructions for your funeral need to be included in your will.


Q: How long will it take to receive my product?

A: Our delivery guarantee outlines this, please take a look there. In short, it depends on your ordered product and timelines are communicated per product before you order.

Q: How long will the images last?

A: We give an industry leading 20 year limited  warranty on all imaging/print against fading. Please review our Warranty section for more information


Q: When do I pay for my order

A: Payment is due at the time the order is placed and will not be completed until payment has cleared. That is usually instant with our regular payment providers.

Q: Can I split up the payment

A: Peaceyard does not offer financing in itself, but our payment providers do. Please review their policies.


Q: Can I choose any images I want in the design

A: You can choose to use any image you want, but keep in mind that we’re not responsible if your design gets rejected by the cemetery. Please review our choose your product section for help and inspiration with image selections.

Q: What design limitations do you have?

A: For custom-made products, peaceyard does not have any limitations. The sky (and your imagination) is the limit.

Q: My family has many different ideas for our loved ones headstone design. How do we come up with just ONE design that works for all?

A: Peaceyard has experienced memorial consultants that can help you summarize ideas and design something that fit all.

Q: Does your company supply any simple headstones – my family don’t want a picture on ours.

A: You are free to design what you want. This is all about you and celebrating your loved one. Pictures are not required, neither are other graphics. A lot of people choose plain monochrome symbols only.


Q: How do I care for my headstone?

A: Please review our maintenance instructions. There is a maintenance manual included with each order but if you’ve lost it you can review it here


Q: Can I install/set the stone myself?

A: That will depend on multiple things. Does your cemetary allow this? Are you handy enough to do this without damaging the product/surfaces? Many cemeteries outline installation/setting procedures and who can install/set a stone in their rules and regulations. If uncertain, please review rules and regulations for your cemetary or ask them if its not clear.

Q: What do I need to install/Set my headstone

A: You will need a set of tools outlined in the installation manual that comes with the product you ordered. You can also review our installation video for a quick overview of the installation procedure.

Q: Can you help me with installation?

A: We have professional installers that can help install your headstone, but please review your cemeterie’s rules and regulations to make sure they allow external/DIY installations.

Q: How long after the funeral do I have to wait before I can install my headstone?

A: This will be covered in your cemetary’s rules and regulations. Ask your cemetary if its not clear.

Q: Does the gravestone/marker need to be approved by the cemetery?

A: Yes, most cemeteries will require you to supply pre-delivery paperwork with the complete design of your headstone. Many cemeteries will reject delivery of your marker if not the correct forms have been filled out.

Q: Can the cemetery charge me an installation/setting fee if I purchase the headstone from an outside source?

A: Cemeteries sometimes have a setting/installation fee in addition to your plot fee. If they charge a fee, the fee needs to be the same for headstones bought from them. The fee usually needs to be paid when your headstone arrives, else they may refuse delivery. Check your rules and regulations.


Q: Can you ship anywhere?

A: Yes, we ship nationwide and shipping is included in your price!

Q: How much does it cost to ship a headstone?

A: Our prices include the headstone and shipping to your address choice.

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