Peaceyard Design studio

We are always at work designing new models and custom headstones for customers. In the below gallery you’ll find the Peaceyard design studio feed, new models and custom designs we are working on in chronological order. The ones up top are the most current ones. Some of these are not yet added to our models page and they show here only. You can order one of these models by going to our design request page and mention the model you want. We will help you with the design from the start, free of charge.

The possibilities are endless. As you can see, we use different materials and sometimes mix colors to get a different feel to our stones. Many are shown in white but are available to order in any of the colors we have on our site. Keep in mind, some colors may have a longer lead time or be unavailable in the near term. Contact us for any information or questions. You can chat with us on the page or leave us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!