Why Peaceyard

Our headstones are made with modern materials, specifically developed for tough and varying climates, just like the ones you find in our this country. With our engineering, we can guarantee superior durability compared to traditional materials. Our methods are enviromentally friendly, enable quick installation/setting, are safer to handle and safer once installed. Read more about our products here

Benefits of a peaceyard headstone

Patented high resolution graphics transferLimited graphics on glued on porcelain plates
Our image transfer technology make it possible to have unlimited amount of images, in true color that last longer than traditional enamelsTraditional materials use porcelain inserts with images transfered using limited colors baked into the enamel. Colors tend to fade over time
Unlimited amount of images and text Limited to enamel positions and sizes
Our methods make it easy to graphically design every single inch of a memorial, just like you could design on a piece of paper or a computer screen. No limitationsLegacy memorials are limited to what can be chiseled into the stone and/or transfered onto enamel plaques.
Change your graphics anytimeOne and done
Our graphics etching technique makes it easy to apply any kinds of graphics, and if needed, later – change or add the whole graphic designGraphics, even text on legacy products are engraved deeply into the stone and can not be changed. Any addition will have to be made on an area not engraved before
Lighter, more flexible and environmental friendly materialsHeavy legacy natural stone
New materials enable designs unattainable with natural stone. Lighter weight enables more effective shipping. Left over pieces can be reused for other projects. Cleaner work environment and less strain on the environment. Pieces to small to be re-used can be recycled for new material creation.Heavy materials makes memorials more difficult and expensive to handle. Left over bits and pieces cannot be used for other projects. Overall a dirty process from breaking natural stone in a quarry and shipping to production fascility, then chisel away what’s not needed for the final shape
Easier to maintain/cleanHarder to maintain/clean
The pore free material used by us is easier to keep clean despite unfavorable environmental factors Natural stone has pores where dirt, fungi and microbes can fester. Making it harder to clean.
More secure and easier/faster installation/settingSetting technique laborious and prone to failure
Peaceyards patented installation hardware makes installation a breeze with less manpower needed. Regular monuments can be installed by one person in a matter of 45 minutes to 1 hour. By anchoring our product with deep earth anchors, it will not shift or tilt when earth movement happens. Our products will never tilt or fall over.Dirty and laborious methods with environmentally straining concrete, concrete forms, and time consuming setting times. Requires multiple people and hours of work to complete one installation/setting. Final product is only secured by gravity and not secured to the foundation and prone to tilting or falling over when earth movements happen
More durable in extreme weather that does not crack or promote microbial growthPorous legacy material prone to cracking and microbial growth
Our solid composite materials are non porous, which will not invite any contaminants to seek its way into the material to make it crack when cold or hot. Since it’s non porous on the surface and inside, it will not act like a magnet for dirt, grime and microbes. The worst we have seen is surface algee that is easily wiped off with a soft cloth and a little water. Our products have been tested in the harshest climates on this planetLegacy natural stone is porous by nature, hence it’s pores can fill up with liquids and when frozen or heated, can crack. Liquid stored inside pores will invite microbes to get a foothold and discolor the surface into the material witch is next to impossible to clean. In severe cases the stone needs to be refinished which is time consuming and costly.
Recyclable productsHard to change
Our headstones can easily add graphics or change graphics at any point in time without having to plan for it ahead of time or lose precious material when graphics are changed.Once graphics have been carved into the surface 8-10mm (3/8″-1/2″), changing them requires you to remove 10-12mm (3/8-1/2″) of the front surface to carve in new graphics.
New Comercial Grade CompositesNatural stone is being phased out
Composite is a material that is the clear winnier in the commercial market because it’s more durable and easier to maintain. Look at commercial kitchens or cladding where composite slabs are the best selling materials over natural stone.Legacy natural stone is being replaced in high traffic areas were durability and shape-ability is important. Comparing new installation of commercial kitchens shows that the more durable composite materials win every time.