Peaceyard has a range of stock models available with a short delivery time. These stock models have been designed and produced in advance. We have chosen our stock range based on the most popular purchases of our customers.


All of our models are available in 200 different colours. We have selected six stock colours which again are the most popular with our customers. The remaining 194 colours will add approximately three weeks to your delivery time.

  • Glacier White

  • Everest

  • Clam Shell

  • Aurora

  • Midnight

  • Deep Night Sky

Models and Options

All of the models below are shown with an optional standard base as the vast majority of our customers choose that option. To see a full list of options available for each model, and the specifications of that model, click the ‘details’ link under any model. Keep in mind that if you configure your piece without any base, the bottom area of the headstone may be covered by grass and flowers once installed.

Create the perfect memorial

Peaceyard enables you to build the perfect gravestone according to your own liking and requirements. Our easy to use online product designer takes you through all of the steps required to build your perfect memorial. There is no time limit for you to choose between options and customise your graphics, stress free and from the comfort of your home.

Our selection of colours is wide, but our signature white memorials have gotten a lot of attention. They are different and look amazing with our image transfer technique. They don’t stain and keep their colour through time.

Aside from the name of your loved one, the general rule is to add their date of birth date and the date they passed away. That’s enough for some, but it’s becoming more and more common to personalise with a poem, a phrase, or one or more images. Our products have very few limitations so let your imagination create a monumental memorial for your loved one with our easy to use product designer.

QR Code

Our design tool provides an easy way to add a QR code to the memorial design. A QR code gives you a way to add a digital memorial in the form of a memory site or online obituary. Read more about adding a QR code to your memorial here.

Gravestones for specific religions

We have a good selection of gravestones for specific religions like Christian gravestones, Hindu gravestones, Islamic gravestones, Buddhist gravestones and Jewish gravestones. For gravestones with shapes specific to religions not listed above, or if you want to create a custom piece, please contact us. We would love to add your religious marker to our collection.

Minimal maintenance

Traditional gravestones require more maintenance than our products. Legacy gravestones are usually made from granite or other natural stone. Depending on which material, design and finish you chose, they will require different amounts of maintenance. Generally speaking, polished granite is the easiest to clean while rough cut or chiseled finishes require more work. Our gravestones have been engineered to resist dirt, grit and debris and have been coated with a protective Nano layer to repel dirt.

Gravestones so smart; you can install them by yourself

Legacy gravestones are very heavy and require a lot of labor and time to install. Installing a legacy headstone by yourself is therefore never advised. Our products are lighter and have patented installation and anchoring hardware. This means that setting a Peaceyard gravestone can be a swift one man task, without the overhead of the set up and building of a concrete setting place.

We provide detailed instructions and hardware to complete the installation with the minimal amount of tools. Check out our installation videos to get an idea of how fast and easy it is to install a Peaceyard gravestone.

Easy to add or change graphics and options

Purchasing a gravestone from Peaceyard gives you the flexibility to change or add options when needed. This is especially useful if you would want to change images, or add, or change options without having to replace the actual gravestone.

Contact us if you have any other questions

If you have any questions not covered here or in our FAQ’s section on this website then please do not hesitate to contact us right away. Our experienced support team are on hand to answer your questions right away, and give you the support needed to design a lasting memorial to your loved ones.