QR-Code on the memorial

QR codes have become mainstream and they have made their way into memorials/gravestones as well. With the help of a QR code, you can add a digital memory link, making it easy for people visiting the memorial site to also visit a digital memorial.

Our easy to use design tool offers the ability to add QR code with a digital link to your memorial site, wherever it is. Adding a QR code on your final design is free of charge. Our memorial site service is free of charge forever. A QR Code can be added to any of our gravestone models or custom-made designs.

With the use of a smartphone or tablet, the QR code can be scanned and taking the user straight to the digital memorial site.

A digital memorial can be a memory page with rich content, pictures and videos. It can also contain contact information, contact forms or a visitor ledger where people can pay their respect.

There are many ways to create a digital memorial. Some funeral homes supply a digital obituary where you can add content. Other types of memorials can be more elaborate sites with additional functionality.

Peaceyard offers a memorial site maker free of cost. You can create and customize your memorial page, then include the link to this memorial in the QR code. Our memorial site maker has tools like lighting a candle with the visitors name, writing a note/poem and posting a picture.

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