How to choose a coffin for the funeral

25 May 2022,Articles

Choosing a coffin for a funeral is not an easy task. There are many different models, colors and designs to choose from. The prices of these chests can also vary greatly. In this article, we go through how to choose a coffin for the funeral and what to really think about.

Start planning well in advance

It is good to start thinking about which coffin funeral you want as soon as possible. These are choices that need to be made relatively quickly, partly because you do not have to stress and be able to make a decision that is well thought out, but also because there may be a certain delivery time if you have a specially made coffin.

This is how you make the choice

How do you know which funeral to choose? If the deceased has expressed their own wishes about what the coffin should look like, these must of course be followed. One should always try to follow the wishes of the deceased as much as possible, as far as possible.

If the deceased has not given any express wishes about coffin burial, one can try to reflect the personality. Choosing a personal coffin can, for example, mean choosing a coffin with marine motifs, if the deceased loved being at sea. Just as you can design a personal tombstone , it is also possible to have a coffin with a personal touch.

In some families, there may also be traditions that you have similar coffins, for example when it comes to patterns or woods.

Team to have a coffin

The deceased must lie in a coffin at cremation, according to the Funeral Act. This is due to both ethical and work environment reasons. The law of having a coffin applies regardless of whether the burial is to take place in the form of a funeral or whether the deceased is to be cremated.

Even if the deceased is cremated, a coffin is simply always required to be placed in. Many in this situation choose a simpler coffin because it will still burn up during cremation. Either the cremation can take place a few days after the funeral, which is most common, or before the ceremony if you prefer.

Choosing a funeral coffin

When choosing a coffin for a funeral, there are several different choices to make. It is about what material the coffin should have, what the coffin should look like and what interior the coffin should have.

When it comes to choosing a coffin for a funeral, the funeral home is usually very helpful. The most common is to order a standard coffin in a design that is already finished. However, it is possible in many places to order a self-designed coffin.

White coffin at funeral

Materials on funeral coffin

Coffins are usually made of birch, beech, oak, pine or chipboard. The most important thing is that the coffin’s material should be combustible and environmentally friendly. The coffin also needs a material that is stable to be able to handle handling and soil pressure if an earth burial occurs.


Usually most chests are about 2 meters long and 50 centimeters wide. It is also possible to order chests that are either smaller or larger. Furthermore, the look of the coffin is entirely up to you. It is possible to choose which color and decoration you want.

The most common is that the coffin is in light or dark wood, but as I said, it is possible to choose the look entirely yourself. If the deceased has a favorite color, it can be a good idea to have the coffin in just that color.

Interior in coffin

The interior of a coffin usually consists of a padded bed, upholstered sides, a pillow and a padded blanket. The fabric used may vary. It can be anything from simple paper quality to more luxurious and more lavish fabric. It is also possible to decorate with your own sheets and your own pillow and blanket if you wish.

Price for a coffin funeral

A normal-sized coffin is usually somewhere between 6,000 and 10,000 kronor. However, it is possible to find simpler chests for a smaller price, from around SEK 3,000. The price can vary greatly depending on how you choose to design the coffin. The factors that affect the price of the coffin are the type of wood you choose, the interior of the coffin and the decoration.