Burial during corona

26 April 2022,Articles

The ongoing pandemic has affected funerals to a large extent. There are now completely different conditions to say goodbye to a loved one, but a corona funeral can be just as nice and significant as before.

Alternative forms for a funeral during corona

It is important to get together to say goodbye and mourn together when a relative has passed away. Due to the current situation, the funeral needs to be adapted to prevent the spread of infection.

Today, it is unfortunately not possible for everyone to want to attend a funeral. There are rules about how many people can gather and the distance that must be kept. However, it is still possible to perform fine funeral ceremonies and there are several alternative forms to choose from.

Live funeral

There are many funeral homes that offer live funerals in these times. It is an option that allows anyone who wants to can watch the funeral online instead. The relatives then receive a link from the funeral home which allows them to attend the funeral at a distance.

Minor burial

A corona burial can also consist of a smaller burial. A small funeral for those closest to you can be exactly as important as a funeral with lots of guests. At a later time, you as a close relative can choose to invite to a larger memorial service.

Flower from funeral during corona pandemic

Outdoor funeral

Another option for a corona burial is to have it outdoors. There are many opportunities to have a funeral outdoors and it makes it possible to gather at greater distances. It is possible to hold both civil and church funeral ceremonies outdoors.

Funeral at a later time

It can easily feel awkward with a corona burial and many want to postpone the burial precisely because of the corona virus. According to the Funeral Act, a person who has passed away must be cremated or buried no later than one month after the death.

An alternative is to choose the cremation of the deceased before the funeral ceremony. It is then possible to wait with the burial for up to a year and the service is carried out with an urn instead of with a coffin.

It is worth mentioning that having a funeral is a very important part of the mourning process. This may be a reason not to move the funeral forward.

Funeral corona – what is the difference from before?

Just like the rest of society, funeral ceremonies need to follow all laws, rules and recommendations from the Swedish authorities. There are many differences between having a funeral under the corona from before.

The main difference for corona burial is the number of people who are allowed to attend during the ceremony. It is also important to keep a distance between the people attending the funeral and to reduce physical contact.

If you have any symptoms of illness, it is also not allowed to attend a physical funeral.

Funeral corona – things to keep in mind

Saying goodbye to a relative at the end of life is very important. There are some important points to keep in mind when conducting a corona burial.

  • Try to plan the funeral as soon as possible and with as few guests as possible
  • Saying goodbye to the deceased is an important step in being able to move forward in the grieving process
  • For those close relatives who cannot participate physically, there is the option of having a digital funeral ceremony
  • The funeral needs to be adapted to reduce the spread of infection, as well as follow all the rules and recommendations that exist
  • The funeral ceremony and memorial service do not have to take place on the same day, but it is possible to divide them

The future of funerals

The current situation has led to the emergence of new options for funerals. There is a high probability that funerals will be digitized more in the future.

For example, being able to broadcast live funerals makes it easier for relatives who are ill or have difficulty traveling to the place where the funeral is to be held. Anyone who wants can then follow the funeral and say goodbye, regardless of prevailing circumstances.
No matter what the future holds for funerals, there is one thing that is constant. That is the need for a beautiful and durable tombstone from Peaceyard.