Upholstery funeral

25 May 2022,Articles

The dress code for a funeral is not at all as strict as before. However, it is important to show respect for the deceased. Dressing up for a funeral is a beautiful way to honor the person who has passed away.

Traditionally, the dress code for a funeral has been the same for both women and men – dark dress. The obituary usually states any wishes about the guests’ attire.

The attire for close relatives

The closer you are to a relative, the more formal you should usually be during the funeral. The close relatives often include:

  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Children
  • Bonus child
  • Partner
  • In-laws
  • Grandparents
  • Cousins
  • Sister-in-law, brother-in-law and brother-in-law

Dress code funeral – for men

It is usually said that the man should wear a black or dark suit, along with a white shirt and black tie. Should it be a close relative, the tie should instead be white.

Dress code funeral – for women

The most common attire funeral for women is a black dress or skirt, with a black or white blouse. Black pants with a black or white blouse also work well. Above you can have a black coat with a white scarf for example. The next of kin also wear black socks.

If you want to wear some jewelry during a funeral, they should be as discreet as possible. It can be, for example, a thin link or a pearl necklace.

Wearing sunglasses is perfectly okay if the funeral takes place outdoors. It is also perfectly acceptable to wear sunglasses when, for example, you are at a tombstone . However, it is important to think about choosing a pair of neutral glasses that will suit the dress code funeral.

Dress code funeral – for children and young people

When it comes to children and young people under the age of 15, their clothes need to be in black. They can instead wear clothes that they feel nice in, although dark muted colors are preferable.

Dark attire at a funeral

No specified dress code

It can feel difficult to know how to dress at a funeral. If you have never been to a funeral, you may feel insecure. Often no specific dress code is given. What applies then is dark clothing. Black is preferred but other dark, muted colors also work.

Free choice of clothing

Should there be any attire, it is the guest who decides. However, it is important to keep in mind that you should wear black or dark clothing. Other discreet colors also work. It is not appropriate to come in clothes with screaming colors or with party clothes.

Specifying any attire is usually out of consideration for the relatives. When the dress code is optional, you do not have to risk someone feeling uncomfortable. Nor is it required that guests need to buy a brand new outfit to be able to attend the funeral.

Upholstery funeral – Bright clothes

Nowadays, many people choose to wear bright clothes as a dress code funeral. It is usually seen as a great way to honor life. It also creates a slightly more light-hearted atmosphere.

This dress code simply means that you do not wear any black or dark clothes. You can choose which color you want to dress in, as long as it is in a toned-down color scheme. It can be, for example, light gray, light blue, beige or light pink.

Summary – dress code funeral

There are a lot of questions that can be raised when choosing clothes for a funeral. Here we have thus gathered the 5 most important points to think about:

1. The main rule is that men should wear a suit to a funeral

For women, it is acceptable to wear a dress, skirt or long pants

If there is no specified dress code, you should dress in dark colors

4. Optional attire means that the guest chooses between dark attire or clothing in discreet, light colors

5. A light dress code means that you should dress in light colors that are gentle and calm