Things you should know before proceeding with your order

Cemeteries across the UK have their own rules and regulations on what they will allow to be installed in their cemetery. Therefore it is very important for you as the customer to understand and have a copy in writing of their rules and regulations. If the rules and regulations of your cemetery are not followed, the cemetery has the right to refuse setting or even delivery of your headstone.

To spare yourself any potential headache we ask you to please read through the cemetery’s rules and regulations. You should have received one when you purchased the plot in the cemetery. If you didn’t receive the rules and regulations then you should request them as soon as possible.

If you haven’t yet purchased a plot you can still request the rules and regulations ahead of your purchase. By law the cemetery is required to provide you with a copy of their rules and regulations when you ask for it.

To ensure everything is ship-shape here is a quick checklist we ask you to follow.

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