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We manufacture a range of headstones, memorials and accessories using state of the art technology and modern materials. Our focus is to engineer, design and manufacture memorials, headstones, tombstones that are more environmentally friendly during the manufacturing process, the logistical process and throughout its lifecycle.

The engineering and design behind our products originates in California. We use a composite stone material that originates in the USA. The material is highly durable and has a completely sealed surface which means it withstands natural forces better than legacy materials.

Additionally, we uses a proprietary technology to coat the surface with a UV hardened clear coat that fuses with the material. The final product is treated with a Nano Ceramic coating that repels dirt and water. All of this ensures the finished product is virtually maintenance free.


Print Colours

We use a proprietary blend of colours that were originally developed for outdoor coverings on hard and long lasting surfaces. The colour is cured using UV light so it is naturally resistant to UV rays and does not fade like legacy colours.

We offer an industry leading 25 year limited warranty that covers all colour coverings from noticeable fade. Our proprietary image transfer technology fuses the colours with the surface to make it resistant to scratches. Additionally, our products are covered with a UV hardened clear layer then treated with a Nano Ceramic layer that repels dirt.

Material Colours

The material used for our headstones is available in 200 different colours. We have selected six of the most popular colours as our standard range. These colours are the most suitable for headstones and are confirmed to comply with the vast majority of regulations posted by most cemeteries. Colours outside of our standard range are available for an additional fee. We advise you check with your cemetery before you order a product in any colour outside of our standard range.


Our finished products have a completely sealed surface that does not accumulate spores or living organisms that can cause mould. The sealed nature of the product allows it to be very easy to clean too. You just need to wipe down the product with a microfibre towel.

Heavier soilings such as bird droppings and similar may require you to wet the surface and the dirt that has accumulated. Using just water or water with soap, is sufficient in most cases. We ask you not to use abrasive sponges or other abrasive cleaning supplies. Detailed maintenance information is included with each shipped product and is also downloadable from our manuals page.


Public safety is very important to us. Our headstones and memorials are engineered to be safer than legacy products. Our products are lighter and have an engineered rigid fastening system that anchors into the ground. Conventional and legacy products are usually set into concrete and rely on their weight together with the concrete to keep them upright.

Our engineered fastening solution anchors our headstones deep into the ground at multiple points. Pull tests have proved our solution to be more solid and stable than the legacy fastenings and settings used on older headstones and memorials.

Erosion and ground settlement has less of an impact on our engineered solution, hence they are safer to the public. Accidents with tipped over headstones are reduced substantially using our engineered fastening solution. Additionally, if for any reason a headstone tips over, the lighter materials and construction of our products cause less damage and are much easier to re-set.

Environmental Impact

Our products have less impact on the environment during their full lifecycle. The material used is easier to work with and requires less energy to produce. The products mass is lighter which requires less energy to handle and transport.

The longevity of the material makes the products reusable for future generations (family grave markers can be re-printed an unlimited amount of times) in contrary to legacy products that can’t be changed without using a new block of material.

The products weight make them easier to ship, handle and finally set which help reduce accidents that can break the marker. Our production facilities create less waste and create an environment which is much more friendly to its workers a there is a huge reduction in stone dust. All of our production is carbon neutral and utilises renewable energy.


Our production facilities are state of the art, utilising modern and efficient tooling methods.

Each product’s production lifecycle steps are

Refinishing and Reprinting

Our finished print and image transfer technology fuses with the surface of the final product. This ensures the reprint process can be completed at any point in time. If for any reason a customer wants to change or add images, text, graphic or layout of the print, we will be more than happy to complete this task for a small fee.

The print on the product is mechanically removed and prepared for a new print. When the print area has been treated, the product goes through the same process as when initially produced. The refinished and reprinted headstone leaves our facilities looking like a brand new product.

The above is especially useful for family grave markers or double grave markers where you add family members as they leave us. Additionally, if you have regrets on the images or text that was put on the gravestone at one time, it can be changed at any point in time without changing the main stone for a fraction of the cost. Please contact us at any time for more information on this process.

Installation Hardware

Conventional headstones, markers and memorials rely on their mass and concrete to withstand any lateral forces trying to tip them over. These older legacy products are not anchored to the ground in any way. Our proprietary fastening hardware make installation less messy and labor intensive. No need to mix concrete, build a frame, pour, set the stone and wait before covering.

Utilising our anchoring hardware the product can be set by yourself or a lone professional, reducing labour costs substantially. This also helps the product withstand the forces of nature and ground settlement. Our installation video outlines the setting procedure and shows you the tools needed to do it yourself.

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