How does it work?

Depending on if you are buying directly from the Peaceyard website or if you are buying our products through one of our partners, some of the information below may or may not apply to you.

If you are buying directly from us, please keep in mind that you are responsible for checking that your final product is suitable for your cemetery. If you want to do so before you place an order, you can design your full memorial with options, including any graphics then save it to your Peaceyard account.

You can print your design and download the specification sheet for the model you’ve chosen, then use the printed design and specification sheet for a pre-approval with your cemetery. Please read our before you purchase checklist. Once you are sure your design will be approved with your cemetery, come back to your saved design and place the order. We save your uncompleted orders for 30 days.


You can use our intuitive product design tool to create your memorial just the way you’re imagining it. We have many stock headstone shapes, colours and options which you can choose from. After you have picked the shape, colour and options the next stage is to design your headstone graphics and text in our easy to use product designer.

It’s not easy to choose images, symbols and text for something that is going to be on display for a long time. Please check out our help section for guidance and our inspiration gallery to see the final designs of other customers. You can also utilise any of our popular template designs with pre-chosen layouts, designs and colours.

Use them as they are or change as much as you feel comfortable with. Our products have minimal limitations. In case you can’t find a headstone shape you like or you are having a tough time getting things to look the way you imagine it, our stand-by team of professional memorial designers are on hand to help you produce concept designs.

Please contact us to be matched with one of our professional designers or if you want to know more about creating a custom-shaped headstone than our stock models please visit our custom-made section. Please include any notes, images and sketches you might have to help match you with the right designer and help our professional designers start working on your idea.


Once you’re happy with your headstone shape and design, place the order using our simple ordering system and pay using one of our secure payment methods. It will give you a clear and accurate timeline for your product to arrive to you, your installation team or your cemetery.

Once the payment has been accepted, your saved design together with all of your selected options is sent to you for your records and to the production facility closest to you that has stock of your chosen material and/or model. Please review the design to make sure nothing has been missed. You have 24 hours to let us know something is not correct.


When the order is received by the production facility, it is checked for any technical mistakes or missing elements before we begin production of your product. In the case of stock models and colours, we usually have pre-made products and only the print process is required.

Otherwise our production engineers source the materials and begin forming your product and all the options selected. If you chose a custom colour, the production facility may first need to produce the product in the desired colour.

The production of a custom product consists of the following steps:


Once your piece has passed all production and quality control steps, we pack it up and ship it with the best available transport to your selected delivery address. Once the product leaves the factory, you receive a tracking number to follow your product until it arrives at your shipping destination.



If you have opted for DIY installation, you can prepare by getting the necessary tools for the job. Please watch our installation video to get a good idea of the installation procedure and what’s needed. Your package will also contain a printed installation manual that is easy to follow.

Professional installation

If you’ve opted for professional installation, the installer will schedule the best time to get this installed and will notify you of the date and time this will happen. If the professional installation is taken care of by the cemetery, please contact them for more information. They will have received the necessary installation manuals and have our contacts in case they have any questions.

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