Delivery guarantee

Peaceyard’s state of the art production facilities provide dynamic production capacity to meet demands. The majority of our standard models in a range of popular colours are kept in stock at all times. Others less popular models and colours are produced to order.

Our turn around time from order to delivery for standard models is industry leading. While legacy manufacturers can take up to eight months for delivery, we take pride in delivering our standard range on average in six weeks. All standard options you can choose while creating your memorial using our step by step design editor are included in our delivery guarantee.

For custom colour materials add up to three weeks to delivery for a standard model product.

Custom-made products, where the product shape is also custom designed by you, add an extra three weeks from the time of order. That does not include the design process – the time it takes for you and Peaceyard to come up with the desired 3D shape of your product.

Contact us if you want more detail on a specific delivery time. We strive to give clear delivery estimates on the product specification pages for each model.

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