Helping and your family in difficult times is in Peaceyards DNA. Our website helps you get information on what you should do next and what you should think of. It’s not easy to put together a list of things to do when you are grieving and it can be even harder to find inspiration or even find the energy to coordinate installation/setting or install a headstone. We hope that you can find information and inspiration on our website. Look through our inspiration page and our gravestone model page.If not, we’re happy to help.

Design help

We have a professional team that can help you design a headstone based on your ideas or even help you with ideas on how to design it. We do our best to help you and your family to create the best suitable memorial for your passed one.

If have a design idea for graphics that you would like on the headstone but feel uncomfortable creating it yourself, we can certainly help you with that as well.

Either way, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free of charge consultation. It doesn’t cost you anything to evaluate ideas and designs with us before you order.


If you have an idea that goes beyond what our gravestone models offer, we’re happy to work with you to create something completely custom just for you. Our design team work closely with our engineering team to put together what you have in mind and the result is always just what our customers had in mind. Please review our custom-made page for more information and to contact us for a free of charge consultation.

Installation & co-ordination

It can be tough to put all the pieces together when all you can think of is your loved ones that no longer are here. No-one can take their place. To help you bear the burden, we can handle all details from order until the memorial has been installed at your loved ones final resting place. Contact us for a free consultation on our installation & co-ordination service. You can also add this service when you do your checkout. We will contact you when it’s time to get some of the basic details, if needed, to take responsibility for your whole project.

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