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A headstone is one of the most critical decisions you have to make during a very difficult time in your life. It’s not easy to picture a headstone for someone you have loved and lost. Your final choice is going to be a long-term memorial so it is important to choose with care.

Leading up to a funeral there are a lot of tough decisions to make. We would like to help you reduce the stress during this difficult time. We are here to help you and your family to make the right choice.

A Memorial to celebrate the life of a loved one

When designing a headstone it is good to think of memories that symbolise the life lived. We fully understand that it is easier said than done to think about happy memories in times like this, but our advice to you is take your time and think about what memories you want to re-live and for your loved one to be remembered by.

Maybe there are episodes in your loved ones life that characterise them especially well or are particularly colourful. When designing a headstone, it is good to keep in mind it will have to be approved by the cemetery where it will be installed. Always design with that in mind.

It’s in the details

There are many ways to make a headstone more personal and the details make a great impression. An image, illustration or even a quote the person could be known for, or something they used to say. A poem symbolising their life or lyrics to a song symbolising their life or even their favourite song could be a way to create a lasting impression. It is a good idea to share your ideas to make sure everyone close to the person is in agreement on any quote, lyrics, poems or other details.

A lot to people choose to point out their love or that they will be deeply missed. It doesn’t always need to be too extravagant or colourful and it can sometimes be enough with “Our Beloved”, “You will be deeply missed” or something like “Where you were there’s a void in our hearts”. Simple and beautiful words resting above your loved ones final resting place.

Another alternative could be to write something more uplifting, as it sometimes might feel overwhelming to express powerful emotions. In cases like this it may be easier to write something like “May he/she rest in peace”, which is an equally personal and beautiful sentence to have posted over your loved ones final resting place.

Aside from the actual design of the headstone, there are other ways you can decorate the memorial. Flowers and or artefact that symbolise something about a person. Try to find things your loved one cared a lot for, or things they liked to do. Keep in mind that whatever you choose, it will be there for a very long time.

The written text

Aside from the name and the date, you might want to include something personal that may have defined your loved ones life. A beautiful and unique way is to use a quote, poem and even lyrics to a favourite song.

Your choice of material and quality

When choosing a headstone, it’s not only about what you see, the design, the images, the artefacts and the flowers are important too. It is important to choose high quality materials that are easy to maintain. We recommend you read up on materials, their pros and cons, just to make sure it is a durable choice that will last for years to come.

Visiting a grave that is in bad condition because of environmental factors, maintenance limits and similar is not where you want to be. Try to think about the impact the environment can have on your choices of flowers or other memorable items. Be aware of the flower pieces and try to plan for weather impact on them. Choose materials that are easy to maintain, easy to clean and easy to repair in case of an accident.

Feel free to ask our experts on any of those subjects. We are here to help you to make hard choices in difficult times.

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