Getting through grief

26 April 2022,Articles

Halloween is approaching and we are many around the world mourning deceased friends and relatives. Dealing with the grief that arises when you lose someone can be one of the most difficult things we face in our lives. But it is possible to move on and get through the grief. In this article, we have compiled tips and advice on how to get through the grief of having lost someone, we hope you will find them helpful.

Our best advice for overcoming grief

During All Saints’ Day, many of us visit cemeteries, gravestones and memorial groves to light candles and remember deceased relatives. During this period, the absence of these people can make themselves extra reminded and experienced more difficult than usual. Dealing with grief and loss is difficult, but there are some tips and advice to take. In this article, we have compiled some that we hope will be helpful.

Accept that it needs to take time

Getting over someone’s death can take time – it can take much longer than expected before. The grieving process can also be very commuting, where it feels good during certain periods, and then return to feeling hard again – or even even harder than before. In psychology, it is usually said that this emotional roller coaster begins to decline after about two years, but there is obviously no conclusion on how a grieving process works. Each individual’s grieving process is and needs to be unique, and the most important thing is to realize that it must take the time it needs.

Allow yourself to linger but also dare to feel joy

When grieving someone, you need to go through different phases of emotions, and it is important to allow yourself and give yourself space for this. Let yourself be angry and then be sad or disappointed. Knowing these emotional storms is part of the process, and by keeping them within you, you are doing yourself a disservice. To let these feelings come out is to process the grief, and it is needed.

Also, do not forget to not blame yourself for feeling joy. It’s okay to feel joy and positive emotions too. As okay as it is to let go of the sad feelings, it is to feel joy.

Speak about it

Just as it can be easy to push away the emotions that become apparent during the grieving process, it can be easy to avoid talking about the deceased. Do not do it. It is important to give yourself time to remember the deceased, and process this by talking about it and venting with others. Expressing and putting into words your feelings is very important, and it can therefore be a good idea to put together a “support network” with friends who can stand up and listen to you when you need to talk.

Remember that life goes on

In the toughest moments after the death of a relative, grief can be experienced as powerful that life can feel meaningless. It is not uncommon to question the meaning of life and experience deep existential anxiety. But in these moments, it is good to remind yourself that there are people who need you. Think about your loved one who has passed away, and think about how that person would have wanted you to live your life on. Decide to live for the deceased person and take care of yourself and your loved ones who are still alive. Spending time with the family can also be experienced as very soothing and significantly improve the quality of life.

Grieving couple holding each other